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Lukas Gloor

Lukas Gloor

Student der Philosophie

Interessiert sich für:
  • Populationsethik
  • Bioethik
  • Decision Theory
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Secular Ethics

11. December 2014 von Lukas Gloor

What is Your Goal in Life? Introduction If there is no God, so the argument goes, there is no objectivity in ethics. This article will later attempt to specify what exactly “objective ethics” could refer to. First however, we’ll get God out of the way: Roughly 2400 years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato raised a […]


What Is Life?

11. December 2014 von Lukas Gloor

How Molecules Became Living Organisms Introduction All life on earth evolved from a common ancestor, from an initial replicator (or replicating system composed of several molecules) that got the evolutionary process in motion. Once you have a self-replicating molecule, it goes on to make copies of itself. Why? Because it just happened to have the […]


The Case for Donating Now Instead of Later

11. November 2014 von Adriano Mannino and Lukas Gloor

Identifying points of leverage If something is important to us, such that we want to do it as well as possible (as opposed to just doing it in the way people commonly do it), then it’s crucial to put in a lot of thought and always be on the lookout for more effective strategies, for […]


Is Cost-Effective Giving Cold-Hearted?

09. July 2014 von Lukas Gloor

In finance, cost-effectiveness is a no-brainer. Investors consider all the data available to them in order to invest in the option that is best in terms of expected profit. In charity, however, most people put much fewer cognitive resources into the selection of organizations to donate to. People may choose charities because they were convincingly […]