GBS Switzerland

Using Evidence to Fight Poverty – Can Research Increase Aid Effectiveness?

University of Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4, room 114

What can be learned from impact studies and how can they influence development policy?

7-7.15pm, Introduction
Prof. Isabel Günther (Center for Development and Cooperation, ETH Zurich)

Development Aid as Part of Swiss Foreign Policy
Danny Bürkli (Center for Public Impact / Foraus)

7.15-7.45pm: Designing Programs Based on Evidence at Scale
Katrin Verclas (Director of Communications and Advocacy, Evidence Action)

7.45-8pm, Effective Altruism: A New Global Movement
Jonas Vollmer (Executive Director, GBS Switzerland)

8-8.15pm, Evidence-Based Development: Lessons from an HIV Prevention Program in Nigeria
Patrick Stadler (Chief Strategy Officer, New Incentives)

8.15-8.45pm, Panel Discussion
Host: Danny Bürkli (Centre for Public Impact / Foraus)

8.45-9.15pm, Apéro

The event is organized by Foraus and ETH Zurich’s Center for Development and Cooperation.