GBS Switzerland

The long-term future of artificial intelligence

The event takes place on Podium 1 of Messe Basel and within Fantasy Basel.

We humans steer the future not because we’re the strongest or the fastest but because we’re the smartest animal on this planet. However, there are no reasons to assume that blind evolutionary processes have reached the physical limit of intelligence with us. Quite to the contrary, we have already seen how intelligent machines outperform the best of our kind on an increasing number of tasks, ranging from chess to the quiz show Jeopardy. What will happen when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence in a broader range of intellectual tasks and controls our destiny? Are we ready to make our final invention? And what is to be done from an ethical perspective?

This talk gives you a short introduction to machine learning and covers the current state and trends of artificial intelligence. It also addresses a phenomenon called intelligence explosion and why more and more public intellectuals are getting nervous about this topic.

Kaspar Etter graduated in Computer Science at ETH Zurich two years ago and started his own company right after his studies. He’s also involved with the humanist think tank GBS, which brought him in close contact with researchers of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in Berkeley.

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